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Catalog 2022-2023 
Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Developmental Education

Assessment/Placement and Continuous Enrollment for Developmental Students 

All certificate and degree-seeking students are required to have their skills assessed in math and English at the time of entrance into the college. Students will not be permitted to register until they complete the assessment process for placement. Placement tests are offered in designated centers on each campus. Documentation of previous college work, SAT/ACT, IB, AP, GED scores and other approved measures may exempt a student from testing, in accordance with state agreements. Placement results are valid for two years for students who have not begun their academic coursework. Students with current documentation of disabilities may be eligible for accommodations. Note that students in certificate programs which do not require credit mathematics are not required to be assessed in mathematics.

CCBC offers a comprehensive array of courses and services to support students who would benefit from developmental education. All students who place into developmental courses must work closely with an academic advisor to create a plan for enrolling in and completing required developmental courses.

See the link above for the Statewide Academic Regulations for Developmental Education.

Developmental Education and Learning Assistance

CCBC offers a comprehensive array of courses and academic support services for students. The purpose of developmental education is to develop in each learner the skills and attitudes necessary for the attainment of academic, career and life goals. CCBC ensures proper placement by assessing  each learner’s level of preparedness for college course work.

Developmental Courses

CCBC offers developmental courses in integrated reading, writing, and mathematics. These courses provide support for students to succeed in college level instruction.

Students may elect to enroll in special sections of developmental courses that are offered in accelerated formats that allow students to co-enroll in credit courses.

Students who demonstrate through placement tests that they do not possess the minimal skills required for developmental courses will be referred to preparatory courses offered by the School of Continuing Education, which prepare students for developmental coursework.