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Catalog 2022-2023 
Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees


Tuition, Fees and Payment

Tuition (per billable hour)

Baltimore County, MD residents (in-county) $122.00
Maryland residents (in-state, but out-of-county) $241.00
York County, PA residents $242.00
All other online students
(out-of-state and international)
All other on-site and blended students (out-of-state and international) $372.00
General Services Fee (per billable hour)  
In-county $22.00
Out-of-county $22.00
Out-of-state $22.00
Selective Admissions Application (non-refundable)* $50.00
Registration fee (non-refundable) $55.00
Late registration fee (initial registration)** $30.00
Capital fee $20.00
Technology fee (per billable hour) $15.00
Lab fees See class schedule
for course fees
Senior Course fee (per course – age 60+) $30.00
Activity fee (per billable hour, max $48/semester) $4.00
Transition Program Fee (per billable hour) $36.00
One Card/ID card replacement $10.00
Graduation fee $75.00
Certificate fee $50.00
Transcript fee $12.00
Non-sufficient funds check $25.00
Delinquent Account Fee $50.00

*Submitted with Selective Admissions form to programs in the School of Health Professions.
**Fee assessed on initial registration occurring on or after the first day of the semester.


  • Fees for credit by exam or portfolio are assessed tuition at 1/2 the Baltimore County rate.
  • Tuition and fees are subject to change.
  • Specific courses may display a “First Day Book Fee” upon registration. This fee covers electronic course materials for a particular course and provides a cost savings of 30%-60% to the student. Students may “opt-out” beginning when the course becomes available on Brightspace through the 50% add/drop date for the course by logging into Brightspace and following the instructions provided. If the student remains enrolled in the course and does not “opt-out,” the charge is non-refundable.

Tuition Fee Descriptions

Activity Fee

The student activity fee is $4 per billable hour, with a maximum of $48 per semester.  This fee funds student activities, student performances,  student athletics and intramural activities.  CCBC student are able to participate in all student events and activities facilitated by our Student Life offices both face to face and in a virtual capacity.  Students also receive no cost admission to any theatre or performing arts event at the college. 

Capital Fee

The capital fee of $20 per semester is charged to every student to subsidize capital maintenance.  It helps defray the cost of repairs to the college’s physical infrastructure like roadways, parking lots.  The fees also contribute to other projects necessary to maintain the campuses.

General Services Fee

The general service fee is charged to all students and is $22 per billable hour.  This fee supports general services which includes advising, testing, libraries, parking and classroom support for both face to face and virtually for online enrollment and is charged to all students.  

Lab Fee

The lab fees are charged at the course level for those which have specific lab components both face to face and online.  Lab fees vary based on the program and cost of running the particular lab (supplies, space, technology, etc.). 

Technology Fee

The technology fee is charged to all students and is $15 per billable hour.  Both face to face and online students pay this fee, as technology is used in all facets of instruction.  This fee supports the online learning management system, technological infrastructure, staffing, campus WiFi access, and materials and maintenance required to deliver instruction and facilitate learning.  Our 24/7 Helpdesk, student email licensing, and access to Microsoft and other software provided to students is also supported by this fee. 

Physician Assistant (PA) Program Tuition

Tuition (per billable hour)  
Baltimore County, MD residents (in-county) $171.00
Maryland residents (in-state, but out-of-county) $171.00
York County, PA residents $338.00
All other online students (out-of-state and international) $521.00
All other on-site and blended students (out-of-state and international) $521.00

Tuition Payment Plans

  • A tuition payment plan is available.
    • A student pays a portion of his or her tuition bill early and budgets the balance through the semester in monthly installments.
    • A $30 enrollment fee is required to participate in a tuition payment plan. This fee is subject to change based on the date of enrollment.
  • For additional information, contact the Bursar’s office

Tuition Payment Deadline

If financial aid is not awarded by the time tuition payment is due, a student will need to make tuition payment arrangements using the tuition payment plan available through the Bursar’s office.

Statement of Financial Responsibility

Students will be required to accept the terms of CCBC’s Statement of Financial Responsibility upon registering for classes.  

Failure to Meet Financial Obligations

  • A student who fails to meet his or her financial obligations will not receive grades for a previous semester/session, transcripts or diplomas.
  • A student is not eligible to register until all financial obligations are satisfied.
  • A $50 non-refundable Delinquent Account Fee will be assessed, and balances $250.00 or greater will be referred to ECSI Recovery Select for a period of 90 days. ECSI Recovery Select will attempt to contact the student by phone and postal mail.
  • Accounts that remain delinquent are referred to the State Central Collection Unit. A 17 percent collection fee is assessed on the outstanding balance.

In accordance with the Veterans Benefits and Transaction Act, Section 3679 of Title 38 amendment, which took effect on August 1, 2019:

CCBC will not charge a student whose charges are fully covered by VA Chapter 31 or VA Chapter 33 a delinquent account fee or place any holds restricting access to registration, transcripts, or any college services while payment from the Department of Veterans Affairs is pending, so long as the student has provided the required Certificate of Eligibility by the first day of class and paid any amounts not covered by their Veterans benefits, such as books and tuition and fees not funded by their benefits.