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Catalog 2015-16 
Catalog 2015-16 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre Performance, Humanities and Social Sciences Transfer Pattern

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Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Humanities and Social Sciences
Transfer Pattern – Theatre Performance

Transfer Pattern accredited by: The National Association of Schools of Theatre


Semester Sequence

This is a suggested full-time schedule for a student who has completed any developmental course work and has no transfer credits. Refer to the College catalog for specific requirements in selecting General Education courses.

Fall Semester Year 1*

Spring Semester Year 1

Fall Semester Year 2

Spring Semester Year 2


General Education - 34-36 Credits

General Education Electives:

Choose courses in each category from the list of approved General Education courses . One course must be a Diversity course. 

Students must have at least 60 credits for an associate degree. Students who choose to take 3 credits of Mathematics and 7 credits of Biological and Physical Sciences, rather than 4 and 8, may need to take an additional class in order to reach at least 60 credits.


  • Biological and Physical Sciences (from 2 different disciplines or 2-course sequence, 1 with a lab) 7-8 Credit(s).
  • Information Technology 3 Credit(s).
  • Mathematics 3-4 Credit(s).
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences  6 Credit(s).
  • Wellness and Health 3 Credit(s).


Program Requirements and Electives - 30 Credits

Two-Semester Sequence:

Critical Thinking:

Choose one from this list:

Program Electives:

Choose one course from this list.

Total Credits Required for Degree: 64-66*

*Credit students who are new to college (no successfully completed college coursework at other institutions) are required to take ACDV 101  in the first semester at CCBC. This is a 1-credit class, and it does not count towards the number of credits required for a degree or certificate. Students are required to provide an official transcript(s) to document successful completion of college coursework at another institution(s) for this requirement to be waived.


Transfer Pattern Description

This degree pattern is designed to help students transfer to colleges and universities that offer a B.A. or B.F.A. degree in Theatre. Beyond the General Education requirements and other degree, program, and elective requirements, this pattern should be considered in light of the requirements of the selected transfer institution. Students should consult with a transfer coordinator or their Theatre discipline advisor for information about specific requirements. This sequence of courses should be adjusted to meet the requirements of the transfer institution.

CCBC is an accredited institutional member of The National Association of Schools of Theatre. The Theatre program transfer pattern follows guidelines established by that organization.

Transfer Pattern Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this transfer pattern, students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate an understanding of period research and historical perspectives as it relates to the cultural, social, aesthetic, philosophical and environmental issues utilized in theatrical performance;
  2. use written, oral, verbal and non-verbal communication skills to translate dramatic literature from page to stage;
  3. use critical thinking skills to read with comprehension and critically and aesthetically analyze works in dramatic literature;
  4. perform with a flexible, strong and controlled voice with clear, articulate and expressive speech, utilizing skills in vocal projection in theatre spaces of varying sizes; and
  5. understand and appreciate the fundamentals of technical theatre in scenic, lighting and sound design, costuming, properties, stage management and backstage technical support through research and production participation.


Program Mission

The Theatre Program at CCBC is designed to provide curricular opportunities for students who wish to pursue further academic study in theatre, students who wish to pursue a career in professional theatre, non-theatre students who wish to take theatre arts electives, and community members who wish to enhance understanding and appreciation of the theatre. This program is a two-year, university-parallel curriculum that provides students with the optimal combination of academic and practical experience through co-curricular theatre productions that serves the diverse interests of the college and the community. In addition, the program strives to provide opportunities and support for artistic, academic and professional development for faculty and staff.

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