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Catalog 2017-18 
Catalog 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ENSC 245 - Engineering Math Applications

3 Credit(s).

Introduces the students to many applications of mathematics related to electrical circuits, such as sets and functions, discrete and continuous systems, matrices and numerical computation algorithms. Emphasis is given to the fundamental concepts behind the mathematics as well as the application of the mathematics for problem solving and critical analysis of results, whether using a calculator or a computer. Numerous exercises and examples firmly rooted in electrical engineering practice are encompassed to ensure that all mathematical theory introduced is directly relevant to real-world electrical and computer engineering. NOTE: Course offered less than once a year.

Prerequisite(s): ENSC 115  or ELEI 115  and ENSC 204  or ELEI 204 
Corequisite(s): MATH 259 

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