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Catalog 2012-2013 
Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Production and Audio Recording Technology Certificate

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Program Coordinator:
CCBC Essex
Patricia Crossman, 443-840-1942 or pcrossman@ccbcmd.edu

Total Credits Required for Certificate 30*

*A new college orientation requirement, completion of the one-credit ACDV 101 , Transitioning to College, went into effect spring 2010. If you are a credit student who is new to college (meaning you have not successfully completed college coursework at another institution(s)), you are required to take ACDV 101  during your first semester at CCBC, thereby increasing the number of credits required for the certificate to 31 credits. Students are required to provide an official transcript(s) to document successful completion of college coursework at another institution(s) in order for this requirement to be waived.

**Prerequisite: MUSC 101  or qualifying exam or written permission

Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this certificate, students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate knowledge and problem-solving skills relating to the basic principles of acoustics, electricity and electronic circuits;
  2. demonstrate conceptual and practical knowledge and skills relating to the operation of recording studio equipment, including software and electronic musical instruments, and live sound reinforcement equipment, including set-up, operational, and basic maintenance procedures on a wide variety of recording studio and live sound reinforcement equipment;
  3. demonstrate technical and artistic critical listening skills and adapt recording studio or live sound reinforcement equipment and techniques to meet technical or artistic requirements; and use appropriate vocabulary, technical and musical language, terminology and jargon in the completion of creative projects;
  4. manage/supervise all aspects of a real or hypothetical “commercial” recording session, from planning and set-up to delivery of finished product; and manage/supervise all aspects of a real or hypothetical live sound reinforcement event;
  5. trace important historical developments and precedents in audio recording technology, the music business and recording industry; and demonstrate business skills, including accounting, record keeping, contract analysis, business management and project management skills, as required for the music industry; and
  6. demonstrate practical music theory skills, including the fundamental aural and written concepts of melody, harmony, rhythm, and form; and demonstrate fundamental songwriting skills.

Program Description:

The Music Production and Audio Recording Technology Program is a certificate program designed to prepare students for entry in the audio recording profession.

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