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Catalog 2015-16 
Catalog 2015-16 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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OFAD 104 - Keyboarding II: Document Processing

3 Credit(s).

Teaches students how to apply text-editing software and standard document formatting guidelines to produce business correspondence, academic reports, business reports and tables. Students complete diagnostic and prescriptive alphanumeric skillbuilding exercises to increase speed and accuracy on timed writings. Students also complete an integrated employment project to prepare them to format documents such as resumes, application letters, and interview follow-up letters. To be successful in this course,  students must enter with a touch typing speed of 25-30 words per minute on a three-minute timed writing with no more than five errors.

  NOTE: Course offered fall, spring, and may be offered during additional sessions.

Prerequisite(s):  RDNG 052  or ESOL 054  ; or ACLT 052  and OFAD 102  , or permission of Program Coordinator


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