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Catalog 2015-16 
Catalog 2015-16 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Policies

 Withdrawing from courses

  • A student may withdraw from any course during the first 10 weeks of a regular semester or within the first two-thirds of winter, summer or late start classes. Drop and withdrawal dates are found on the Academic Calendar .
  • A student must submit a Drop/Add/Withdrawal Form to the Enrollment Services Center .
  • After the withdrawal deadline date, a student is permitted to withdraw only under extraordinary circumstances.
  • A financial aid recipient who withdraws from a course or courses needs to be aware that his or her financial aid grants may be reduced and he or she may be held responsible for repayment to CCBC. Learn about withdrawal details here.

A student can drop, add, or withdraw from a course during regular business hours or in SIMON by 11:30 p.m. the day before the semester or session begins.

Refunds after withdrawing from a course

  • A student must submit a Drop/Add/Withdrawal form to the Enrollment Services Center by the deadline.  Refund dates may be found on the Academic Calendar .
  • The refund calculation is based on the date that the Drop/Add or Withdrawal form is received.
  • The period of enrollment for refund purposes is calculated in weeks from the date instruction begins for that semester, not the date on which a particular course begins. Fractions of a week are not considered for refund purposes.
Time of Official Withdrawal Refund
Before the first day of semester 100 percent
Before the end of third week or 20 percent semester equivalent 50 percent
After the end of the third week or 20 percent semester equivalent 0 percent

 If you are enrolled in a Statewide or Health Workforce Shortage Program and drop classes during the 50 percent refund period, you are responsible for the out-of-county tuition charge.

Appeal for a Tuition Refund after the Withdrawal or Drop Deadline Date 

A student who drops or withdraws from courses after the deadline date because of extenuating circumstances may submit an appeal for a tuition refund.  The appeal will be considered only for one academic year following the semester when the drop or withdrawal occurred. 

Documentation concerning the student’s circumstance is required from an authorized source such as a physician statement with dates of illness, treatment or hospitalization and recovery date; death certificate or obituary notice for student or immediate family, parent, sibling, offspring, spouse; police or insurance report; or deployment orders for military duty.  The documentation must be received by CCBC within 15 days of submitting the appeal form to the Enrollment Services Center or Registrar’s office.

Appeal decisions are made by the Registrar.

Refunds for Cancelled Courses

The College will contact a student by email or phone if a course is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. Tuition and applicable fees only are refunded for courses cancelled by the college.

Refunds for Military Reassignment

A student in the military service who is transferred from his or her Baltimore assignment to an area beyond commuting distances shall receive a full refund of fees and tuition. A student must provide adequate evidence of military transfer and submit an appeal form with documentation to the Enrollment Services Center or mail to the Registrar’s office during the semester. An appeal team will review and notify the student.

Refund Procedure

To process a refund for any reason, the student’s address must be current. A financial aid recipient should be aware that a financial aid award may be reduced, and he or she is responsible for repayment of funds to CCBC.