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Catalog 2018-19 
Catalog 2018-19 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AHE 796 - Basic Patient Intake

5 Continuing Education Units (CEU). This course is not for Credit(s).

This course is designed to enable the student to learn the skills needed to perform intake and patent education in a clinical setting. Clinical skills will focus on taking vital signs, patient histories and height/weight and practicing universal precautions. Topics to be covered include customer service, communication skills (in person and telephone), clinical intake skills, documentation strategies, principles of adult learning and patient education. Prerequisite: Must be accepted into an Allied Health Program requiring this course.


Course Objectives:

1. list effective communication strategies and barriers to communication;

2. demonstrate an understanding of effective communication strategies;

3. list the correct steps for taking vital signs, height, weight, and patient history;

4. demonstrate an understanding of proper patient history, weight, and vital signs procedures;

5. record items in number four correctly in patient charts;

6. develop consistent practices for universal precautions; and

7. demonstrate an understanding of critical thinking and problem solving in medical situations.


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