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Catalog 2018-19 
Catalog 2018-19 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CHA 050 - Skills and Concepts for Employment

4.4 Continuing Education Units (CEU). This course is not for Credit(s).

This course is designed to enable the student to learn how to prepare for employment using the basic skills needed for success. Topics to be covered include calculation of wages, hours and income tax, functional reading skills for the completion of job applications, skills needed to excel in the workplace, job interview skills, Internet use for job searches, personal computer and the Internet for use in tasks associated with job searches.


Course Objectives:

1. identify and use vocabulary related to the workplace;

2. use technology to locate employment opportunities,

3. communicate effectively using telephone, email and word processing;

4. construct a resume and cover letter;

5. calculate wages, overtime, and other pay;

6. calculate income tax using a simple formula;

7. develop the ability to complete a I 040 EZ tax form;

8. demonstrate effective practices in interviewing for a job;

9. identify and explain basic concepts, rights, and policies related to the American Disabilities ACT, (ADA);

10. identify and understand vocabulary commonly used in ADA law and provision of disability related service;

11. identify, communicate, and demonstrate those skills needed to be an excellent employee; and

12. identify and communicate characteristics of a successful employee.

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