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Catalog 2017-18 
Catalog 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (CE)

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Program Description

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes help students learn the English language skills needed for life, work and civics concepts.  Students will increase their general English language proficiency from a low beginning level to an advanced level.  The goal of these classes is to enable students to better function as parents, workers and community members, as well as to successfully transition to ASE/GED, Academic ESOL and/or workforce training.

Program Outcomes

Successful Completion:

CCBC Credential:          

Students will have access to a Continuing Education academic record (transcript).

Program Length

Standard: 10 weeks; 2 classes per week (3-hour day/night classes) or 12 weeks; 2 classes per week (2.5-hour day/night classes)

Intensive: 5 weeks; 4 classes per week (2.5-hour daytime classes)

Saturday morning only: 4 weeks (4-hour class) or 15 weeks (4-hour class)

Program Requirements

Minimum 18 years of age; not enrolled or required to be enrolled in secondary school under State law

Students with an F-1 or J-1 visa are not eligible for grant funded classes

Application Process

Provisional Entry – ESOL Level Intro through Level 5 and Reading/Writing students are required to attend a registration session.  New students must be assessed to determine their skill levels in reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Registration Session – Mandatory for ESOL Level 1 through Level 5 and Reading/Writing:

For grant funded classes, students must attend a regional registration session.  Regional registration sessions include completion of required registration forms, an assessment process, and advisement/placement.  New students will be assessed to determine their skill levels in reading, writing, listening and speaking (2 to 3 hour process).  Dates, times, and locations of regional registration sessions are available on the CCBC website ESOL page:


Information on classes and locations is available at: www.ccbcmd.edu

For closing announcements, please check:


For additional information, call 443-840-3748.


Program Course Sequence

Students are expected to attend all classes.  Students are expected to practice and use the language in their daily lives.

Course Number



Course Hours

Textbook Information

(approximate cost; subject to change)



Grant Funded Courses:


ADS 302

ESOL Level Intro – Life Skills


Future Intro; $37.00


Grant Funded **

ADS 301

ESOL Level 1 – Life Skills


Future 1; $37.00


Grant Funded **

ADS 303

ESOL Level 2 – Life Skills


Future 2; $37.00


Grant Funded **

ADS 304

ESOL Level 3 – EL Civics


Future 3; $37.00


Grant Funded **

ADS 305

ESOL Level 4 – EL Civics


Future 4; $37.00


Grant Funded **

ADS 306

ESOL Level 5 – EL Civic Engagement


Future 5; $37.00


Grant Funded **

ADS 133

ESOL Beginning Writing for Intermediate Speakers




Grant Funded **

ADS 134

ESOL Expanded Reading and Writing Skills




Grant Funded **

​ADS 014 ​ESOL Transition Reading and Writing ​60 ​TBD


Grant Funded **

Tuition Based Courses:


ADS 007

ESOL General English Skills


Textbook is provided and included in course costs



ADS 008

ESOL English Pronunciation Skills


Textbook is provided and included in course costs



ADS 990

ESOL English for Business Communication


Textbook is provided and included in course costs



  ** This class is supported by grant funding from the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

Additional Information

Course Objectives and Outcomes – Grant Funded Courses

Level Intro – Life Skills:  Very low beginning students will learn basic English for life and work.

Level I - Life Skills: Low beginning students will learn simple English for life and work.

Level 2 - Life Skills: High beginning students will improve their simple English skills for life and work.

Level 3 - Language/EL Civics: Low intermediate students will develop English language skills and be introduced to civics concepts.

Level 4 - Language/EL Civics: Intermediate students will continue to develop English language skills and build on civics concepts.

Level 5 - Language/EL Civics: High intermediate students will continue to develop English language skills and extend civics concepts to civic engagement.

Beginning Writing for Intermediate Speakers: Students with intermediate level speaking skills will learn basic writing skills.

Expanded Reading and Writing Skills: Level 4 students will move beyond life skills reading and writing. 

Transition Reading and Writing: Level 5 students will learn strategies to approach academic reading and writing tasks to better prepare for transition.          


Course Objectives and Outcomes – Advanced Tuition Based Courses

ESOL General English Language Skills: Students will improve their general English skills by engaging in communicative tasks on various high-interest topics. Course integrates the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with a focus on grammar and vocabulary appropriate to the language task.

ESOL English Pronunciation Skills: Students will refine their ability to communicate by learning to apply common rules in English pronunciation. Topics include self-monitoring techniques to improve vowel and consonant clarity, syllable and sentence stress, intonation patterns, and  communication style.

ESOL English for Business Communication:   Students will learn appropriate language for meetings, presentations, collaborations, negotiations, and social interaction. Course will help improve communication skills to better establish and maintain business relationships.

Program Contact Information

Grant Classes:​

Program Coordinator:                       

Marcia Merriman


Owings Mills, Room 305


Korean & Spanish:            

Caroline Ko        



Owings Mills, Room 305


Advanced Tuition Courses:

Program Coordinator


Suzi Monti          



Owings Mills, Room 305

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