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Catalog 2020-2021 
Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Fine and Performing Arts

Program Coordinators, Fine Arts:

Art, Design, and Interactive Media AFA/AA Area of Concentration:

CCBC Westside (Catonsville)
Sarada Conaway
443-840-4699 or sconaway@ccbcmd.edu

Deborah Ciccarelli
443-840-4181 or dciccarelli@ccbcmd.edu

CCBC Eastside (Essex)
Sharon Trumbull
443-840-1767 or strumbull@ccbcmd.edu

Jessica Walton
443-840-1567 or jwalton2@ccbcmd.edu


Interior Design A.A.S.:

Kim Morrison
CCBC Catonsville/Dundalk/Essex
443-840-4954 or kmorrison2@ccbcmd.edu


Program Coordinators, Performing Arts


Tommy Parlon
443-840-1127 or tparlon@ccbcmd.edu


CCBC Essex, Daniel Lewis
443-840-1057 or dlewis7@ccbcmd.edu

CCBC Catonsville, Dr. Rebecca Ocampo
443-840-4014 or rocampo@ccbcmd.edu


Julie Lewis
443-840-1538 or jlewis2@ccbcmd.edu



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    Associate of Fine Arts