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Catalog 2018-19 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AHL 754 - Maryland General Expanded Functions

4.2 Continuing Education Units (CEU). This course is not for Credit(s).

This course is designed to enable the student who is a dental assistant to learn expanded dental assisting functions as approved by the Maryland Board of Dental Examiners (J.IBDE). The expanded functions are advanced tasks that require increased skill and responsibility. This course will prepare the student for the Maryland State Expanded Functions Examination. Topics to be covered include removing excess cement, drying root canals, preparing and removing temporary coverings, etching teeth, removing sutures, placing and removing retraction cord, fluoride treatment, opposing arch impressions, fabricating mouth guards, rubber darn placement, replacing periodontal dressing, and placing matrix bands.


Course Objectives:

1. develop the ability to prepare and manipulate chair side materials;

2. demonstrate an understanding of the removal of excess cement, diying root canals, etching teeth and removing sutures;

3. identify and demonstrate fabricating matrix bands, mouth guards, rubber darn placements and periodontal dressing;

4. demonstrate preparing and removing temporary coverings;

5. demonstrate how to remove retraction cord, fluoride treatment and opposing arch impressions;

6. demonstrate the ability to perform board approved expanded functions with accuracy and skill;

7. demonstrate an understanding of and compliance with the Dental Practice Act; and

8. demonstrate an understanding of infection control for all Intraoral procedures.

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