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Catalog 2016-17 
Catalog 2016-17 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sleep Technologist

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Program Description

This course series prepares students to sit for certification to come a registered Sleep Technologist. Sleep Technologists work overnight and collect data using polysomnograms that measure bioelectrical sleep activity. They acquire and analyze signals from electroencephalograms (EEG), electrocardiograms (EKG), electromyograms (EMS) and respiratory flow and effort sensors.

Program Outcomes

Successful Completion:

CCBC Credential:

Students will earn a CCBC Continuing Education Workforce Training Certificate and have access to a Continuing Education academic record (transcript).

Students will be prepared to take the national certification exam through National Healthcareer Association.

Certifying Organization:

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)


727-210-2350; FAX: 727-210-2354

1361 Park Street, Clearwater FL 33756

Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologist exam cost is $450. The cost for the first registry test is included in the course series cost.

Career Opportunities:

There is currently a large shortage of sleep technologists in the state of Maryland due to certification and licensure regulations. Regulations currently state you must participate in a CAAHEP accredited program to receive certification in MD.

Program Length

12-15 months

Courses start in July at CCBC Hunt Valley (daytime), in September/October at CCBC Essex (weekends), and in February at CCBC Randallstown (evenings and weekends).

Program Requirements

High School Diploma or GED; computer literate; and Internet access.

HIPAA Training, CPR and First Aid classes REQUIRE 100% attendance. Students arriving late to class will not be admitted. Late arrival to, or early exit from, class will also result in a failing grade and no refund. Students will then be required to retake the class at their expense

Students must have the following paperwork turned in to the coordinator PRIOR to clinicals:

Negative PPD (six months) or negative chest x-ray less than one year old

Positive titer or proof of vaccination/immunity for measles, mumps, rubella and varicella

Current Flu vaccination

Hepatitis B vaccination or declination form

Tetanus shot (less than ten years)

Copy of health insurance card

Copy of high school diploma or GED

Clinical eligibility is in part dependent upon a criminal background check and random urine drug testing. Cost of testing is the responsibility of the student. Go to http://precheck.com/ for more information.

Application Process

Provisional Entry - The Sleep Technologist program requires the following application and acceptance process:

1. New Students: Call CCBC Registration at 443-840-2222 or 443-840-4700 to apply for a CCBC Student Identification (ID) number. Application cost is $10.00. After receiving your ID number, proceed to Step 2 below.

2. Go to https://shwa.ccbcmd.edu/ to retrieve your user name and create a password.

3. Go to https://ccbcmd-bb.blackboard.com/ to access the online application.

4. Enter your User Name and Password.

5. Click the “Course” tab at the top of the page. You will see the application course for your area of study on your list: Sleep Technology Series Application - AHC 379

6. Click on the application course and read the instructions on the first page.

7. You must submit the following items by the cutoff date – ‘Assignments’ in Blackboard - to meet all of the requirements for the application:

  • Application (2 pages)
    • Must be submitted as a .doc, .docx or .rtf
  • Scanned copy of one or more of the following:
    • High School Diploma or other proof of completion
    • GED
    • College Transcript
    • Other requirements for specific areas of study as detailed in Blackboard

8. Check the Blackboard “Gradebook’ for admissions decision approximately 10 days after the submission deadline.

9. Plan to attend the mandatory orientation for your series as detailed on Blackboard.

Program Course Sequence

Module I:

1. Medical Terminology for Health Occupations: AHE 534

  • Textbook/Materials:
    • Medical Terminology—The Language of Health Care; 12th Edition; 9781451176767; $83.15

2. Introduction to Polysomnography: AHL 091

  • Textbook/Materials: Handouts

3. Sleep Patient Intake Skills: AHL 101

  • Textbook/Materials: Handouts

4. Sleep Clinical IV (Clinical Observation): AHL 934

  • Textbook/Materials: None

5. HIPAA Training: AHC 360 Or HIPAA Training Online: AHL 719

  • Textbook/Materials: Handouts Online

6. Basic Math for Health Care Workers: WOS 064

  • Textbook/Materials:Handouts Online

7. CPR for Health Care Providers: AHE 805

  • Textbook/Materials: None

Module II:

1.  Anatomy and Physiology: AHE 519 Or Anatomy and Physiology Online: AHE 672

  • Textbook/Materials:
    • The Human Body in Health and disease; 6th (or latest) edition; Patton and Thibodeau; Elsevier (soft cover); ISBN 9780023101243; $70.35

2. Pharmacology: AHE 577

  • Textbook/Materials:
    • Essentials of Pharmacology for Health Occupations; 7th; 9781285077881; $103.95

3. Positive Airway Pressure Techniques: AHL 100

  • Textbook/Materials: Handouts Online

4. Basic EKG Training: AHE 802

  • Textbook/Materials:
    • Hussar’s Basic Dysrhythmias and Acute Coronary Syndromes; Fourth Edition; 9780323039741; $75.70

5. Polysomnographic Technology Training (includes 5 practicum classes): AHL 099

  • Textbook/Materials:
    • Essentials of Polysomnography Bundle; ISBN 9781284059595; $180
    • Fundamentals of Sleep Technology; ISBN 978145133208; $165

Module III:

1. Neuromuscular Anatomy and Pathophysiology: AHL 702

  • Textbook/Materials: Same as AHL 099

2. Cardiorespiratory Anatomy and Pathophysiology: AHL 703

  • Textbook/Materials: Same as AHL 099

3. Sleep Staging & Scoring Guidelines: AHL 098

  • Textbook/Materials: Same as AHL 099

Module IV:

1. Polysomnographic Clinicals: AHL 713

  • Textbook/Materials: Online Materials

2. Polysomnographic Clinical II: AHL 770

  • Textbook/Materials: Online Materials

3. Sleep Clinical III: AHL 922

  • Textbook/Materials: None

4. Sleep Clinical III: TBA

  • Textbook/Materials: None

5. BRPT Board Exam Preparation for CAAHEP: AHL 732

  • Textbook/Materials: None

Program Costs

  • Tuition/Fees: $7853 - $7893 (Tuition-$2973-$2983 /Fees-$4880-$4910)
  • Textbook/Materials: $678.15

Course Substitutions:

Medical Terminology AHE 534 can be substituted with OFAD 141, or ALHL 115, or AHL 717.

Anatomy and Physiology AHE 519 can be substituted with AHL 672, or AHE 715, or BIOL 109, or BIOL 220 and BIOL 221.

HIPAA AHC 360 can be substituted with AHL 719 or AHC 356.

Basic Math WOS 064 can be substituted with AHL 716 or MATH 083.


Additional Expenses:

Course Series: Students are responsible for the cost of all medical testing, background check, drug screening, and scrubs/uniforms.  These expenses total approximately $800.


Post-Course Series: Licensure is obtained through the Maryland Board of Physicians at a cost of $200.  This cost includes registration of your certification and license as an Allied Health Care provider through the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  Sleep Technologists must be certified and licensed to work in the State of Maryland.


Program Contact Information

Administrative Assistant:

Carole Parlett



Essex, HTEC 001


Rachel Newman Waddy     



Essex, HTEC 013E

Financial Aid and Payment Options

  • Continuing Education Opportunity Grant
  • Partial Payment Option (through Nelnet Business Solutions)
  • Tuition Waiver for Senior Citizens and Individuals with Disabilities
  • Employer/Sponsor Paid Tuition
  • Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)
  • Local Office of Workforce Development

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