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Catalog 2016-17 
Catalog 2016-17 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pharmacy Technician

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Program Description

This course series prepares students to take the national PTCB certification exam to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician. Pharmacy Technicians assist pharmacists in hospitals or freestanding pharmacies. They are typically involved in customer interactions, insurance claim processing, maintaining inventories and filling prescriptions.

Program Outcomes

Successful Completion:

CCBC Credential: Students will have access to a Continuing Education academic record (transcript).  Students will be prepared to take the national certification exam through PTCB-Pharmacy Technician Certifying Board to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician.

Certifying Organization: Pharmacy Technician Certifying Board (PTCB)

Certification exam cost: $129.00

Career Opportunities:

In a retail pharmacy setting, Pharmacy Technicians can advance through different levels of responsibility that vary by employer. In an institutional pharmacy setting, Pharmacy Technicians can be selected for additional training in specialized areas such as medication history reconciliation or compounding sterile preparations.

A criminal history background check and registration with the state board of pharmacy are usually required for employment.

Program Length

40-70 weeks

Prerequisites begin monthly at various campuses.

Pharmacy Technician training begins in January at CCBC Randallstown (accelerated training on Saturdays), May and October at CCBC Essex (Thursday evenings), and in May at CCBC Randallstown (daytime on Fridays).

Program Requirements

High School Diploma or GED. All students must be computer literate and have Internet access.

HIPAA Training, CPR and First Aid classes REQUIRE 100% attendance. Students arriving late to class will not be admitted. Late arrival to, or early exit from, class will also result in a failing grade and no refund. Students will then be required to retake the class at their expense.

Application Process

Open Entry – No screening or documentation required.

Program Course Sequence

1. (Prerequisite) Medical Terminology for Health Occupations: AHE 534

  • Textbook/Materials:
    • Medical Terminology, The Language of Health Care; 2nd Edition Revised; by Marjorie Canfield Willis; published by Lippincott, 2011; ISBN 1451176761 (soft cover); available at campus bookstores; $83.15

2. (Prerequisite) Anatomy and Physiology: AHE 519 Or Anatomy and Physiology Online: AHE 672

  • Textbook/Materials:
    • The Human Body in Health and Disease; 6th (or latest) edition; Patton and Thibodeau; Elsevier Mosby; ISGN 9780323101240 (soft cover); available at campus bookstore; $70.35

3. (Prerequisite) Basic Math for Health Care: WOS 064

  • Textbook/Materials: Handouts Online

4. (Prerequisite) CPR for Health Care Providers: AHE 805

  • Textbook/Materials:
    • Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers – available in the classroom and library

5. (Prerequisite) HIPAA Training: AHC 360 Or HIPAA Training Online: AHL 719

  • Textbook/Materials: Handouts Online

6.  Pharmacy Tech I: AHE 739

  • Textbook/Materials:
    • Three Pack: The Pharmacy Technician, 6th; Workbook for the Pharmacy Technician, 6th; and Pharmacy Calculations, 5th; published by Morton; 2016; 9781617316029 (soft cover); available at campus bookstores;  $166.52

7. Pharmacy Tech II: AHE 740

  • Textbook/Materials:
    • Same as AHE 739

8. Introduction to Electronic Health Records (EHR): AHL 798 Or Intro to EHR Online: AHL 804

  • Textbook/Materials:
    • Electronic Health Record for Allied Health Careers; published by McGraw Hill;978007330978 (soft cover); available at campus bookstores; $97.90

9. Compounding Sterile Preparations: AHL 096

  • Textbook/Materials:
    • Sterile Processing for Pharmacy Technicians, 1st; Karen Davis; published by Elsevier; 2014; ISBN 9781455711277 (soft cover); available at campus bookstores; $53.95

10.  Pharmacy Technician Externship Part I: AHE 475

  • Textbook/Materials: Handouts Online

11. Pharmacy Technician Externship Part II: AHE 476

  • Textbook/Materials: Handouts Online

12. PTCB Exam Review: AHL 913

  • Textbook/Materials:
    • Same as AHE 739

Program Costs

  • Tuition/Fees: $4177 - $4197 (Tuition-$2011-$2031 /Fees-$2166-2186)
  • Textbook/Materials: $471.87

Course Substitutions:

Medical Terminology AHE 534 can be substituted with OFAD 141, or ALHL 115, or AHL 717; Anatomy and Physiology AHE 519 can be substituted with AHL 672, or AHL 715, or BIOL 109, or BIOL 220; and BIOL 221

HIPAA AHC 360 can be substituted with AHL 719 or AHC 356; Basic Math WOS 064 can be substituted with AHL716 or MATH 083.

Program Contact Information

Administrative Assistant:

Carole Parlett


Essex, HTEC 001


Richard D’Ambrisi

443-840-1054 Essex,

HTEC 013

Financial Aid and Payment Options

  • Continuing Education Opportunity Grant
  • Kathy & Jerry Wood Foundation Vocational Scholarship
  • Partial Payment Option (through Nelnet Business Solutions)
  • Tuition Waiver for Senior Citizens and Individuals with Disabilities
  • Employer/Sponsor Paid Tuition
  • Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)
  • Local Office of Workforce Development

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