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    Community College of Baltimore County
  Feb 22, 2018
Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Partnership with Frostburg State University

Frostburg State University at CCBC Catonsville Recreation and Parks Management

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) On-campus Partnership with Frostburg State University

Program Coordinators:

A.A.S. Degree
CCBC Catonsville, Dr. Willa J. Brooks
443-840-4174 or

Bachelor’s Degree (B.S.)
Frostburg State University, Dr. Maureen Dougherty
443-840-4603 or

Recreation and Parks Management

1. Completion of the A.A.S. degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism with the Recreation and Parks Degree Option

2. Major Courses from Frostburg State University at CCBC - 24-27 Credits

  • RECR 342 - Park and Facility Design 3 Credits.
  • RECR 388 - Research Methods in Recreation and Parks 3 Credits.
  • RECR 440 - Organization and Administration of Recreation and Parks 3 Credits.
  • RECR 443 - Current Issues and Legal Liability in Recreation and Parks 3 Credits.
  • RECR 492 - Internship Project 3 Credits.
  • RECR 495 - Internship in Recreation (450 hours at approved site) 9-12 Credits.
  • RECR 497 - Out-of-Class Requirements (see Advisor for details) 0 Credits.

3. Elective Courses from Frostburg State University at CCBC. Examples include but are not limited to - 12-18 Credits

  • RECR 381 - Facilitation Skills and Techniques 3 Credits.
  • RECR 384 - Special Events Management 3 Credits.
  • RECR 390 - Outdoor Adventures 3 Credits.
  • RECR 480 - Field Experience in Recreation and Parks 1-6 Credits.

4. Courses in the RPT program at CCBC (Students need to complete these optional courses as part of their A.A.S. degree to meet specific requirements in the Frostburg program)

5. Additional General Education courses including Advanced English Composition from any Maryland 4-year Institution and total completion of the FSU General Education requirements - 18 Credits

(Minimum of 50 credits from 4-year institutions with at least 30 credits from FSU and a maximum of 70 credits from 2-year institutions) Students must have a minimum of 39 hours in upper level (300-400) courses.

*Student must take a minimum of 50 credits from FSU to be eligible to graduate with Latin Honors.

Total Credits Required for B.S. Degree: 120

Therapeutic Recreation Concentration (35 Credits)

All Therapeutic Recreation (RECR) courses are taught online in a 3-semester rotation.

A. Complete a 560-hour consecutive internship under an NCTRC certified supervisor.

B. Recreation Courses (9 hours)

  • RECR 321 - Theories and Concepts of Therapeutic Recreation
  • RECR 421 - Program Design and Evaluation in Therapeutic Recreation
  • RECR 422 - Principles and Practices in Therapeutic Recreation
  • RECR 423 - Therapeutic Recreation Assessment and Professional Preparation (course will be offered for the first time in spring 2012 to comply with National Standards)

C. Anatomy and Physiology (4 hours)

D. Abnormal Psychology (3 hours)

E. Human Growth and Development through the Life Span (3-6 hours)

F. Human Services and Related Biological and Physical Sciences

(Frostburg: 13 hours. CCBC: 16 hours)
Select 4-5 courses: If students have taken General Biology, Intro. to Psychology and Intro. to Sociology to satisfy GEP, they only need 6 additional hours in this category.
Required for students on Frostburg campus: See for complete listing of possible courses.

  • BIOL 149 - General Biology I (GEP Group C)
  • PSYC 150/151 - General Psychology (GEP Group D)
  • BIOL 202 - Anatomy and Physiology II
  • PSYC 213 - Psychology of Adjustment
  • PSYC 250 - Death and Dying
  • PSYC 404 - Psychology of Exceptional Children
  • PSYC 409 - Human Learning and Cognition
  • PSYC 418 - Social Psychology
  • PSYC 489 - Child and Adolescent Disorders
  • PSYC 410 - Introduction to Counseling
  • SOCI 100 - Introduction to Sociology (GEP Group D)
  • SOCI 200 - Social Problems
  • SOCI 203 - Sociology of Deviant Behavior
  • SOCI 340 - Criminology
  • SOCI 442 - Juvenile Delinquency
  • SOCI 468 - Sociology of Later Life
  • PHEC 303 - Biomechanics for Exercise Science
  • BIOL 110 - Biology I: Molecular and Cells***
  • BIOL 220 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I ***
  • PSYC 101 - Introduction to Psychology ***
  • SOCL 101 - Introduction to Sociology ***


***CCBC-Catonsville courses

Program Description:

Students may also earn a baccalaureate degree in Recreation and Park Management from Frostburg State University at CCBC Catonsville. The program also offers a concentration in Therapeutic Recreation which prepares students to sit for the certification exam and become a National Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (NCTRS) upon graduation from the program. This program is open to students working toward their A.A.S. degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism at CCBC as well as students with existing A.A. or B.S. degrees. This is a nationally accredited (NRPA/Commission on Accreditation) program.