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Catalog 2018-19 
Catalog 2018-19 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AHE 740 - Pharmacy Tech II

6 Continuing Education Units (CEU). This course is not for Credit(s).

This course is designed to enable the student to expand on the knowledge and skills acquired in Pharmacy Technician Training I.  Topics to be covered include the classification of the top two hundred (200) drugs, patient medications, therapeutic drugs, customer service, stocking issues, complex dosage formulas and customer service.  Pre-requisite: The successful completion of Pharmacy Technician I and the recommendation of the instructor.


Course Objectives:

  1. use appropriate terminology in discussing pharmaceuticals;
  2. demonstrate proficiency in reading and filling prescriptions;
  3. list and apply drug classifications;
  4. identify brand name, generic name, purpose and contraindications for approximately one hundred (100) drugs;
  5. explain the proper procedure/protocol in ordering, storing, dispensing and disposing of medications;
  6. demonstrate the ability to set up IV medications;
  7. demonstrate the ability to perform more complex dosage formulas;
  8. demonstrate proper mixing and handling of drugs; and
  9. demonstrate and explain outstanding customer service.

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