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BIOL 254 - Techniques in Biotechnology II

5 Credit(s).

The final of three courses required for certification as a Biotechnology Laboratory Technician. BIOL 254 focuses on the skills and techniques necessary for the production and manufacture of vaccines and other biopharmaceuticals. Students in this course progress through a series of graduated laboratory exercises and lecture sessions culminating in a group project that bring together the cognitive and technical skills necessary for success in the biotechnology industry. Specific skills taught include microbial fermentation and mammalian cell culture, protein purification including filtration and chromatographic techniques. CGMP documentation, and quality control/quality assurance in biopharmaceutical production. BIOL 254 meets for 2 lecture hours and up to 9 laboratory hours per week. Note: Enrollment in BIOL 254 requires completion of BIOL 253 or written permission from director required. Courses offered once a year (fall or spring).

Lab Fee: $40.00

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